tangled utility linesI have written before about my daughter and son-in-law, who have rejected the Christian faith. In one conversation with my son-in-law, I set forth the argument that there are something like 2.2 billion Christians on Earth. I reasoned that so many people would not believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior unless there is really something to this – some element of profound truth. His response was that I – and by association, all Christians – am “confused.”

I recently read an excellent article by Greg Koukl, which talks about the unseen world. There are spiritual beings, both good and evil, all around us, though humans cannot typically perceive them. We are involved in a spiritual war in which Satan and his legions of demonic followers seek to do us harm. One of their primary tools is deception.

To bring this down to my situation, I believe that my daughter and son-in-law have been deceived. Each of them were Christians at one time, by their own confession, but our society, their friends, and the public educational system have convinced them that Christianity is untrue. That there is no spiritual world beyond what we can see. That there is no God, no Satan, no angels either good or evil. No unseen battle for control of the Earth and its people.

This is not at all the situation.

England vistaGod actually takes up residence in the lives of all true Christians – those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior – in the person of His Holy Spirit. Think of it! This God, who created everything that has ever existed, personally comes to live in the hearts and minds of those who believe. One of the benefits of this is that “we have the mind of Christ.” He makes it possible for us to perceive the existence of the spiritual world and the battle that is going on all around us. We can perceive the truth of what is taking place in society, politics, entertainment, education, science, religion, and every other area of endeavor.

Am I confused? No, it goes much deeper than that. I pray often throughout the day, asking God’s help in many situations, praising Him for the good things that I encounter, and interceding on behalf of others who need His help. If Christianity is untrue – if God is not there then I am not merely confused, I’m insane! Thankfully, it is all true and I will continue to petition the Lord of the Universe to do all that He can to make a way for my daughter and her husband to return to faith in Him.